Il Luogo today

Alessandro, Fabio and Stefania carry on the path started by Aimo and Nadia, 60 years ago, projecting their vision of Italian cuisine into the future with consistency, respect and love.

The team

“Two cooks have always been the chefs of Il Luogo, two will be in the future”.
With this words Stefania Moroni, daughter of Aimo and Nadia, attested the will of giving continuity to Il Luogo and its 60 years long history.

The project between past and future

Since the beginning of the millennium, culinary and artistic culture intertwined with Il Luogo in a unique gesture.
A continuous dialogue between the search for product quality, creative freedom in their use and the artistic and architectural gesture of a series of works by the artist/scientist Paolo Ferrari, built as subsequent stratifications, that generated a continuum between the inside and outside and bursting onto the urban scene to welcome the visitors.

Cuisine and wine

Our culinary offer is a “vision of contemporary Italian cuisine”. Starting from the abundance granted by the Italian soil, we retrieve scents and flavors, carrying them into the present with our creative gesture. With an eye to the past while always looking toward the future.

Our story

Aimo and Nadia Moroni, partners in life and at work, open their restaurant on Via Montecuccoli in 1962.
It’s a simple trattoria, offering a regional cuisine from their motherland, Tuscany, mastering its history, tradition, products and employing many of its raw materials.