Il Luogo / The team

In the kitchen

“Two cooks have always been the chefs of Il Luogo, two will be in the future”.

With this words Stefania Moroni, daughter of Aimo and Nadia, attested the will of giving continuity to Il Luogo and its 60 years long history.

Alessandro Negrini and Fabio Pisani have inherited the unique styles capable of collecting the heritage of the rich gastronomic national history and enriching it with a contemporary gesture.
In a gradual transition of growth and maturity, Alessandro and Fabio gained the perseverance and feminine sensibility of Nadia, as well as the strength and desire for knowledge of Aimo.
An unbreakable common thread between deep understanding of raw materials, techniques and creative freedom expressed in every meal.

Contemporaries. From Valtellina the former, from Puglia the latter. Accomplices, partners and friends: Fabio as the most rational and resolute, Alessandro as the most exuberant and passionate; both with the same goal of making great Italian cuisine, that excites and takes birth from the extreme care of every gesture.

In the dining rooms

Stefania grasps and interprets those differences to turn them into similarities, finding a consistency that carries the culinary art of Il Luogo into the present. She brings femininity to the project: fierce, calm and energetic at the same time. A creative and emotional energy that engages everyone, from the team to the customers and suppliers. Culture, dialogue, quality, teamwork.

Nicola Dell’Agnolo, maître, arr Fabio and Alessandro, observant and sophisticated host, has brought through the years his kind and devoted way of welcoming friends and customers, walking them through their journey of discovery of Il Luogo’s peculiarities.

Alberto Piras, sommelier, completes the team; enamored of the stories of the vineyards, capable of advising the guests conveying all the passion and the work hidden behind every bottle.