Tasting menu

Excellent products, passionate producers, biodiversity, ecosystems, history of Italian gastronomy, tangible and intangible cultural heritage.

These are the ingredients of the TERRITORIES MENU, that tell about our producers, the ingredients that come to us – sometimes in a very little amount – and our cooks that daily create and shape this extraordinary and great variety.

Anchovy from Camogli ‘in carpione’ (Acetaia San Giacomo)

Crispy chickpeas from Murge waffle, lard from Colonnata
(Fausto Guadagni) and smoked trout from San Giuseppe

Tomatoes (Antonio Altamura) mosaic and roasted scallop flavoured with bay leaf

Beans from Sorana cooked in lavec
with catch from Tyrrhenian

Sea Salad of Breme onions, ‘wood’ egg and roasted apricot

Red mullet in a crust of ‘cicerchie’ from Apulia,
with eggplants from Longobardi, honey
and smoked scamorza cheese

Spaghettoni (Gerardo di Nola) with squids,
sauce of anchovies from Cetara and tarragon pesto

Mari e Monti’ risotto (Carnaroli variety) with porcini mushrooms
from Apennines and ‘purple’ shrimps from Sanremo

The Pigeon
the fillet in consommé
the liver in sandwich
the smoked breast
the leg stuffed with fruit ‘mostarda’

Caramelized brioche bread and ‘fior di latte’ mozzarella

chocolate and sour cherries from Marostica

€ 280,00

Mussel filled with buffalo ricotta cheese, lemon from Amalfi Coast
and flour of toasted chickpeas from Murge

Tomato cake

Ligurian Sea dentex with crispy chickpeas waffel
and fresh cucumber

Purple’ shrimp from Sanremo marinated with herbs

Skewered veal sweetbread flavoured with rosemary

Crispy pepper from Senise stuffed with seadfood risotto

Dedicated to Milan: tortelli filled with Piedmontese young beef ossobuco
and its marrow with a reduction of its stock, saffron and Parmesan

Apicius Duck
flavoured and smoked with spices and cuttlefish sauce

Bon bon flavoured with dill and rhubarb compote

Peach blossom

€ 240,00

Zucchini puff pastry

Cream of pumpkin from Mantua with honey of linden flowers

Pureed ‘cicerchie’ from Apulia, with wild chicory,
Nolca olives and ‘lampascioni’ in raspberries vinegar

Eggplant ‘parmigiana’

Soup of barley, early vegetables from our garden
and legumes flavored with wild fennel flowers

Spaghettoni of semolina durum wheat (Cavalieri)
with green onion and hot pepper sauce, olive oil and basil from Liguria

Potato pizza with porcini mushrooms from Apennines,
egg and buffalo mozzarella cheese from Campania

Lemon and licorice root

Sweet Garden

€ 220,00


Santorini Assyrtiko 2019 Artemis Karamolegos

Bukovica Chardonnay Selection 2005 Mlecnik

Riesling Spatlese Niedermenninger Herrenberg 2003 Markus Molitor

Sherry Finest Old Harvest n.v. Ximenez Spinola

Bourgogne Pinot Noir 2012 Coche Dury

Barolo 2017 Bartolo Mascarello

Trockenbeerenauslese Nouvelle Vague Nummer 6 2001 Kracher

€ 180,00

A la carte

‘Garusoli’ in earthenware with beans from Trasimeno, white turnip in rosemary honey, ‘bagnetto verde’ sauce and crispy pepper from Senise •  € 40,00

Not meat nor fish: Sicilian red tuna with Mothia salt, Piedmontese young beef with béarnaise sauce and almonds from Toritto   •  € 48,00

Lightly smoked duck with cane sugar, citrus fruits from Sicily, pâté with white truffle flavor and sweet and sour chanterelle mushrooms  •  € 45,00

‘Purple’ shrimps from Sanremo, soft farm egg, mixed salad and herbs from meadows and Mediterranean flavors  •  € 65,00

Vermicelloni pasta with lobster from the Ligurian Sea, seasoned bread (Eugenio Pol producer) and lemons from the Amalfi Coast  •   € 65,00

Ravioli stuffed with robiola cheese from Roccaverano and rosemary, ragout of cockscombs and porcini mushrooms from Valtellina •   € 45,00

Tribute to Giovanni Assante: mezzi rigatoni pasta (Gerardo di Nola producer) with fish soup and Carmagnola peppers •   € 42,00

Risotto (Carnaroli variety) with potatoes from Polignano, mussels from the Adriatic Sea, Sarawak black pepper, tomatoes and oregano from Pollino – serving for two  •  € 98,00

Tagliolini made of fresh eggs and wheat flour (Carosella del Pollino) with Piedmontese white truffle cream and butter  •  € 40,00 + truffle € 10,00 per gram

Turbot from the Tyrrhenian Sea, braised endive salad with marjoram and roasted artichokes sauce  •   € 62,00

Crispy red mullets with sesame, turnip tops, burrata from Andria and ‘lampascioni’ with fig must  •   € 58,00

‘Pulcinella’ swordfish from the Ligurian Sea in spelt bread crumbs, chicory and Nubia garlic sauce •   € 58,00

Eel from the Po River slightly caramelized with lard from Colonnata, Sicilian oranges and fennel pollen  •   € 50,00

The Pigeon (Miroglio producer): breast with grain mustard and pralined hazelnuts ∼ leg confit filled with pigeon liver ∼ agnoli in pigeon reduction •   € 68,00

Veal sweetbreads with mustard sprouts balls and roasted chestnuts  •   € 50,00

Tenderloin of young beef (Fassone breed) in a soft panure of camomile and red onions from Tropea, with fresh rhubarb •   € 60,00

Suckling pig (Cinturello Orvietano breed) with quince and flavoured with sulla honey, served smooth and crunchy  •   € 58,00

Cicerchia from Murge with mustard sprouts, Nolca olives and ‘lampascione’ •   € 38,00

Spaghettoni of semolina durum wheat (Benedetto Cavalieri producer) with green onion and hot pepper sauce, olive oil and basil from Liguria  •   € 42,00

‘Etrurian’ soup with vegetables of the season, herbs, legumes, whole Tuscan farro wheat and dried wild fennel flowers •   € 38,00

The chocolate and the autumn: coffee, saffron from San Gavino, sorbs, Piedmontese hazelnuts, strawberry grapes and candied porcini mushrooms  •   € 30,00

Persimmon puree, cream of marrons glacés from Cuneo, reduction of gentian and pomegranate, cold marsala zabaione •   € 30,00

Amarelli licorice soufflé with Bourbon vanilla ice cream   •   € 30,00

Tirami-sud: yogurt and mascarpone cream, coffee biscuit, ricotta flavored with bergamot and Sicilian capers candied in honey   •   € 30,00